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Recommended Age Range:  12 and up

Formats:  E-Book

Approx. Length:  130,019 Words

Volume 3 of the Poetic Reflections series.

This dark, silly, and serious sequel to Keep The Heart Of A Child and The Queen Of Hats is the third volume in Lori R. Lopez’s Poetic Reflections book series.

Bursting at the seams with poems of a very broad interest and range, Blood On The Moon is rich in short gems of horror and sparkling baubles of wicked elbow-tickling whimsy, not to mention some cutting glimpses of Reality. Many of the poems tell stories. A number of them feature vivid characters invented by the author-poet-artist . . . an accomplished storyteller and songstress as well as a bard to rival the wordplay, wit, and depth of Shakespeare.

Each chapter bears a theme based on one of Lori’s “Poetic Reflections” columns, which introduce the unusual verse with quirky prose.

The eerier pieces of poetry were published in Lori’s 2017 collection Darkverse: The Shadow Hours, an Elgin Award Nominee and Poetry Finalist in the 2018 Kindle Book Awards.



An October Moon of unhallowed birth

Would glint from shadow like a gore-drenched eye.

No revelry of harvest games and mirth

Might ignore the Grim Reaper in their sky,

~ from Blood On The Moon

Let me state unequivocally that if you were hoping to read something perfect, sorry, not gonna happen. I write to my own beat, an irregular rhythm that doesn’t follow rules, it simply flows and pulses and is.

~ from Blood On The Moon

foredrawn conclusions

In this third volume of Poetic Reflections, you can expect to read offbeat ruminations on many topics, like the verse itself. It is a collection of verse. You just have to find the poems between the meandering introductions and the middling maunders.

You might also anticipate a few so-called Blonde Moments, because I was born a Blonde and enjoy a good joke about how goofy they can be. My hair later grew Golden-Blonde, like Fourteen Carat. You may suppose I had fewer Blonde Moments due to the sun not cooking my brain quite as much or something to that effect. Is this a theory or did I make it up? I can’t recall. Nowadays my hair has darkened further, yet curiously I feel I am having more Blonde Moments than I used to, which is a little paradoxic. I think. Or is it ironic?

You should know that I can be a touch “idioddic”, both an idiot and odd. That’s me. Having little “oddysseys” here and there. If you ever meet me in person, be warned. There are bound to be eccentricities and idiosyncracies and just plain odd behavior. Unless I am too shy to be comical and merely appear addled. I tend to be a lot of things at once . . . usually all of the above and then some.

In case you wish to quote me from this book, please disregard the drivel and other contents. I’ll give you something better. Let’s see. Hmmm. Oh, here’s one: “I always like to leave a store wearing a nicer hat than I came in with.” Wait, that makes me sound like a Klepto. Not that I am insulting Kleptomaniacs. Take no offense. I am simply stating a fact. I know there’s a difference between joking about something you are (like in my case crazy, weird, bananas) and a group of people to which you do not belong.

I love Horror, and I use that as a kind of general statement to explain “everything”. Along with being born a Blonde. No offense to the folks who are still blonde. I used to be, and I think it is a humorous stereotype, not a demeaning one. We know better, right? And that’s what counts.


~ the Poester (it’s a word . . . now!)

foredrawn conclusions

1. imperfect

2. blue moon

3. serendipitous

4. chocolate-covered eyes

5. the little things

6. being off

7. envious

8. horror she wrote

9. stark raving mad

10. never a dull moment

11. night howls

12. horror haiku

13. horror haiku too

when all is said or done


“The latest from Lori R Lopez wearing the most sumptuous of her multiple hats — writer. If you are new to her art, I envy the trip you are about to take. A wordsmith in every sense LRL never shies away from mixing genres, myths and modern premises into one glorious stew. She will entice you into her story, make you laugh and relax just enough to forget about that skeletal hand hovering just inches above your shoulder . . .”

Jaye Tomas, Chimera Poetry; author of NOCTURNES and CARNEVALE

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