• Recommended Age Range:  12 and up
  • Formats:  E-Book, Paperback, Hardcover
  • Approx. Length:  111,309 Words, 749 Pages
  • Volume 1 of the Darkverse series.
  • Interior: Black & White
  • Dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″
  • Trade Paperback ISBN: 9781644750360
  • Hardcover Case Laminate ISBN: 9781644750377

A rich gathering of poetry with a dismal twilight atmosphere, a brooding nature, an eerie tone . . . Darkverse: The Shadow Hours encompasses such pieces written by Lori R. Lopez between 2009 and 2017, collected in three of her Poetic Reflections volumes along with humorous and serious verse. This ample compendium allows a more focused reading experience and mood — presenting poems that share speculative themes, flashes of horror, glimpses of madness.

Author of The Dark Mister Snark, The Strange Tail Of Oddzilla, Leery Lane, Monstrosities, An Ill Wind Blows, and The Fairy Fly among other tales, Lori has been called a storyteller, whether composing verse or prose.

The aim of her Darkverse series is to offer a chilling trek through unlit stretches where all manner of creeps and kooks may lurk; where graveyards and bogs and full-moons abound. The pages of The Shadow Hours illuminate those morbid uncanny perils and dreads that inhabit drab corners, the known and unknown terrors of the night. Vivid and distinct, her voice echoes our worst fears then delves beyond, exposing hitherto unimaginable frights.

Prepare to confront a motley array of ghouls and menaces that might just move under your bed!

Darkverse: The Shadow Hours is an Elgin Award Nominee and a 2018 Kindle Book Awards Poetry Finalist.  This Illustrated Edition features a plenteous array of quirky art by the author.


Snug within my sanctuaries, my havens of light,

the retreats where I feel most sheltered . . .  Safe

inside a fortress of invisible armor and courage,

I vainly endeavor to outwait the storms of the dark.

Tonight they slither forth and slink, or stomp and growl

And prowl the mead, the woods, the vales and coves . . .

~ from Once Upon A Monster Moon

But during

The New Moon’s dearth of light, on the eventide

Of a Solar Eclipse, these bottomdwellers shall awake

And parade with roars or sobs until the morning when

All accursed must retreat to their den of dismissal.

~ from Once Upon A Monster Moon

Deep in a vale where the Moon never shined

Lived a scurrilous sort whose stone heart was unkind

For he kept in his dungeon all manner of birds

In a darkness so dreary, there are no better words

~ from The Silence Of The Birds


Snug within my sanctuaries, my havens of light,

the retreats where I feel most sheltered . . .  Safe

inside a fortress of invisible armor and courage,

I vainly endeavor to outwait the storms of the dark.

There is no vanquishing its deep desolate expanse,

which spreads in waves across the wilderness of

Cosmic Space.  We may burn a candle, a torch

to hold it at bay — keep its borders at a distance.

Yet that is merely a temporary fix, for we know

it does not depart.  Ever around us, never

diminished.  Only light can provide the illusion

of security amidst the eternity that engulfs us.

A Darkverse lies behind each glim, present in

every hour, no matter what time the clock tolls,

what numerals it directs our eyes to believe, like

the nimble hands of a magician fabricating myths.

We accept the fable of day, of sun and warmth,

when the brightness is but starlight and we exist

in a perennial veil of cold stark night.  We are

fools to think otherwise.  Fools who dream.

Whether asleep or awake, our condition is a state

of perpetual fantasy, reverie, misapprehension.

A mirage; a figment of the realm that surrounds us

each moment of life or death like burial, a shroud.


Shadow Hours


Midnight Assassins


Lorna Moon

Haunted House


The Darkest Hours

Sundown’s Curse

Nobody There

That Step

The Human Beast

a reckoning

A Lost Cause

Memory Lane

Old Moments


Moon Song

The Experiment





the calm after the storm


once upon a monster moon

one step too far

burying the hatchet


Mirror Image

The Glass Looking Back

The Beholder

Hell’s Corner

Chocolate-Covered Eyes


the cellar


That Which Scares Us

The Midnight Chorus


the writer’s demise


digging up my beloved


Leery Lane



Unscheduled Stops, Part I

Unscheduled Stops, Part II

faces on a train

The Taking

The Undertaking

Origami Snails

night howls

Keeping It Inside

a random thought


Brain Boil


The Devil Calls

they stalk the night

horror she wrote

A Clown Lament

Revive Me

The Monstrel

The Red Bus

Terror’s Hew



Black Widow

The Black Widow’s Lullabye

Spider’s Mother’s Song

The Grim Nursery Rhyme

Night Terrors

the silence of the birds

The Gracken


the wackadoo

the craze

Unhand Me!

The Grimalkin



A Hard Rain

Deadman Tales

graveyard of ghouls

day of the dead

The Box Of Chocolates

belated valentine

Immortal Kiss

a twisted fate


The Woman In The Moon



The Dark


With The Moon’s Embrace

Through The Woods

tree verse

peace and quiet

Knowing Stares


Dead and unburied

Drab Specter



Occupant Part Two

Halloween Haiku


Unhealed Wounds

broken dolls

Troll Doll



The Gubbagule

a zombie in the closet

Unburying The Dead

A Monstrous Situation

the green-eyed monster


Callous Alice

Black Cat


The Bed Bugs

Who’s Afraid Of The Big, The Bad?

More Trick Than Treat

House Of Chocolate

The Queen Of Hats

Death’s Cream

The Problem

The Glowers

the root of all fear

The Agony, The Anguish


A Sympathy Note


California Dreams

The Mud Slid


Clan Destiny

out of sorts



Squishy Parts

a ruined heart



the voice


the artist

american gothic


Route Thirteen


Comatose Joe

Horror Haiku

dubious certainties

the bleeding heart

the massacre

The Boggart

The Wretch

Choosing Sides

Horror Haiku Too


The Late Tour

The Gondolier

The Shudders

More Horror Haiku

The Horror



This Thing I Fear

More Horror Haiku Too

stone cold

Persons Unknown

Offen Times

Bag Of Meat


Down A Dark Road To Death

backseat driver

madmen and monsters

Fear Itself

The Ancient Mariner’s Ballad

Coast Of Gold

blood on the moon

A Good Thing

blue moon

in the midst of moss


Meeting A Horror Author

the brightness of dull

horror story

happy endings

No Fairytale Ending

the deep dark woods

urban gothic

ghost toast

Crime Scene Footage


The Sadness

The Bookworm’s Unliteral Literary Sonnet

to dream of nothing



The Hopeless Romantic

The Ballad Of Grim Garrett


The Macabre

birds of night

ravens and crows

The Corn God


old ghost


one day it rained


Such Things Befall


ode to monsters

Shrunken Heads

screaming pumpkins

The Negative Side

Dark Christmas

Good Will



circus spirit

The Flea Circus




Past Due


urban sprawl

Death’s Viper


something in the light

Rapt Appraisal

Monster Cafe


The Bizarrity

The Runover

fearing the worst

Cold Feet

Possible Dust Clouds

harpies and shrews

The Last Nerve


Split Seconds



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Honors & Praise

Nominated for an Elgin Award in Full-Length Books 2018

Finalist for Poetry in the 2018 Kindle Book Awards

“Dare you taste this collection, you’ll come back for more. Buy it and keep it handy.”

“A dash of irony, a heaping cup of wit and a pinch of glee are in the mix of Lopez’ diverse recipes for verses, combined with delightful titles such as “Leery Lane”, “Head Slugs”, “Bed Bugs”, “Hell’s Corner” and “Callous Alice”. Dare you taste this collection, you’ll come back for more. Buy it and keep it handy.

“Out of the deepest sleep arisen/crawling from earthen tomb/the corpse in his Sunday Suit/had trekked through a mistful gloom.” -- from “The Box of Chocolates””

Marge Simon, Stoker Award winner, Grand Master Poet of the SFPA

“Darkverse is a collection of beautifully lyrical and narrative poems reminiscent of songs written in longhand, sung in soft whispers, in gentle tongues. I have a great fondness for "DarkVerse", "Shadow Hours", "grimmest", "the calm after the storm", and "one step too far". A joyful, wonderful read!”

Christina Sng, Stoker Award & Elgin Award winner

“The Shadow Hours is the kind of collection that makes readers pause - look up - think - smile - feel - before going in for another. That's awesomeness!

Since its title is Darkverse, #1, there is the hope of more to come. To that, I am looking forward.

I continue to be a fan of Lori R. Lopez. I've not read anything by her I did not enjoy. To call her a poet is insufficient. An artist of great talents ... that gets much closer.”

Tamara Fey Turner
Goodreads Review

“It may be called currently “weird” poetry, but the multi-talented poet Lori R. Lopez displays with such aplomb and skill just how a quality worthy creation of poetry can transcend today over-done tropes of such verse offered up for the general populace while keeping just enough of them with a striking subject matter use that makes it her own and consistent voice that still touches others in a way that connects anew every time one reads the material!”

Frederick J. Mayer, Poet & Editor

“I am a member of the HWA and [I] was sent this to read and review for the new awards. I read it. And recommend it. Why? Cause I enjoyed it. Great work. You have to give credit to artists in their genres.”

Kevin Breaux
Goodreads Review

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