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“May you feel the wind in thy leaves.” Poet Rafael Lopez recites “The Tides Of Travel” from his book A WORLD OF WORDS in this thoughtful author reading. A peaceful and reverent wanderer rests by a tree in a forest to read. It is a peaceful reflection on exploration, trees, and nature, while the narrator is traveling through the woods.

The award-winning collection of verse takes place in the fictional High-Fantasy world of Eath, where a poet named Keckith has gathered his favorite poems by various individuals. All of these writers live in the imagination of the book’s actual creator, Rafael. The book contains many relaxing poems about nature along with writing, love, war, and life in general.

This soothing poetry reading and short film presented by Fairy Fly Entertainment, with background music composed by Noel Lopez, was filmed at Mount Laguna, California. It is Rafael’s first Author Reading.

A WORLD OF WORDS is a high fantasy poetry collection by indie author Rafael Lopez, available in Hardcover, Paperback and E-Book. It is Volume One of the series COLLECTED POETRY OF EATH and part of THE WORLD OF EATH.

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Tides Of Travel - A Poem By Fantasy Author Rafael Lopez

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A part of The World Of Eath Project by Rafael Lopez

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