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“In a flash of horror, a monster was born.” On a dark and spooky Halloween, Poet Lori R. Lopez reads her tribute poem “Horror She Wrote” at MARY SHELLEY’S FRANKENSTEIN: BICENTENNIAL CELEBRATION in the Geisel Library Seuss Room of U.C. San Diego. She is introduced by the event’s host, Scott Paulson.

“Horror She Wrote” was written in February 2012 to honor horror icon Mary Shelley for Women In Horror Month. The poem first appeared in the author’s “Poetic Reflections” Column ( In 2017 it was published in her collection DARKVERSE: THE SHADOW HOURS. It is also featured in her 2018 collection BLOOD ON THE MOON, Volume Three of Lori’s POETIC REFLECTIONS Book Series. Look for Illustrated Print Editions of the books with unusual artwork by the author.

A lifelong fan of Mary Shelley and Frankenstein, it was a thrill for Lori to participate in the 2018 Bicentennial Celebration at U.C.S.D., and she thanks the Geisel Library for welcoming her.


You can find the words to Lori’s Mary Shelley Tribute in her Poetic Reflections Column Horror She Wrote.



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