moonlit night is oft described as silvery, defined by a pale sickle or floating saucer illumining the blue-black sky. It can represent a comforting presence against dark uncertainties; a radiant yet cooler liquid shine than the gilded sunbeams that saturate our uncloudiest of days. As if cooked up in a steep homemade mountain still by a hillbilly brewmeister, spilled down upon the lands like the stuff of myth and fantasy, this lunar essence almost seems of magic origin. Rationally, scientifically, we know better. It is, however, fun to romanticize and fantasize and permit our imaginations to gambol with gleeful strides.

Such aspects are commonplace. Familiar. And there is value in that. There is trust and security. I myself am a sentimentalist. I hold traditions to be dear. I celebrate the symbolic and nostalgic. I cherish those fond little gestures and trademark expressions we share and repeat. But it is through the seeking of the uncommon that is found the true magic in life. That’s what makes the heart pound faster, or even skip for a breathtaking instant. Why settle for the usual when you can behold the rare shimmer and luster, the elusive claptrapping thundrous wonder that occurs but once in a blue moon?

I beseech you to step off the path of nonresistance and mediocrity. Wander without a road map. Trek uncharted territory beyond your expectations into the realm where all good things don’t have to end and truly do come to those who wait. Where there is life as opposed to mere existence. And dreams are more than ethereal in our minds, but can materialize as the most tangible and remarkable of substances or experiences.

Sadly, we spend too much of our time going through motions. Obeying regulations and traffic signals, following the herd, doing our duty, and trying to fit in. All of that is swell. If you’re a robot! Sure, some things are necessary. But it is just as important to live — like there are no rules!

Each of us has within a very special gift: a pulse. We can let it beat with even measured blips on a screen, or we can set it free to throb at will and dance like a flame with exuberant leaps. Take a chance, do the unconventional, be deliberately spontaneous for a change! Why the heck not?

Don’t paint by numbers. Don’t live inside the lines or keep your brain inside a box. Walk on moonbeams. Act silly. See things from a new perspective while standing on your head. Explore those out-of-the-way places that go overlooked and underseen in the general course and commotion of civilization. You might not need to go far, might not need a compass to discover something extraordinary. Sometimes you simply have to open your eyes a bit wider. Or look for what you didn’t know you wanted to find. That which surprises and astounds you, perhaps challenges your beliefs. Something you couldn’t imagine would mean everything!

If you are not touched by fancy, by whim, by a sense of peace and bliss at least once a day . . . you should ask yourself, Am I really living? Because there are so many ways in this world to connect with the power of joy. To be swept off your feet by a positive vibe. Choosing the right ones, the ones that will mean the most and endure, takes a little more effort. It requires unlocking your soul, baring your inner self. Permitting that self to recognize and accept, to trust and believe it is real, not a hoax or a falsehood but actually there right in front of you.

If and when you are fortunate enough to stumble across what makes you inutterably, ecstatically, quixotically, unfathomably happy in this world . . . then you, too, have been touched by the light of a blue moon.

blue moon

On a storm-fraught eve lit by happenstance

At a time when fools could be slapped by chance

I did wemble aponder from my shrouded life

Drawn awry like a tide in the Sea Of Strife


How my heart did flutter, my belly churn

For the untold secrets I was soon to learn

My gourd felt dazed yet my notions were keen

And it seemed as if my toes turned green


The air had dissolved to twinkle-dust

Of the sort that a fairy or star may thrust

Though I couldn’t be certain, was it all a fad?

I just knew without knowing I was going mad


In the order of Chaos, there is always a calm

Ere the needle eye blinks and pricks the palm

As the echo of silence rings clearer than truth

’Twas there I should ramble ’pon the dusk of youth


By blue moonlight, in the breadth of a gasp

I would end up treading far enough to grasp

The fleeting whisper of a newborn sigh

Abrim with hope for the millionth try


Hence I whirligiggled, spinning swift on end

Round the basking glory of my best pretend

Winsome fantasy woven out beyond

The farthest ripple of the vastest pond


I might stagger and keel, do a somersault

Juggle fiery torches with nary a fault

Peering down the jaws of a dangerous endeavor

How I deemed myself so immensely clever


Yet here was I at the edge of the haze

In the wink of a fly, through the twists of a maze

Yond the bend of a dream, past the point of return

To live in the moment, I had so much to learn


Hither-dither I bustled neath a webbed canopy

Of shark-toothen snaggles that grimaced at me

Whether brambled or briared, thorns are mostly the same

They will stab and will sting you, for their barbs have no shame


Till asudden and sideways I was jerked from this plight

Given hope for the morrow in a blue moon’s rare light

With an unending smile curved across my whole face

I gave in to a mania that made my blood race


Imbalanced, thoughts cartwheeled and delirium spread

While magnetized splendors did romp in my head

Perception had altered and night become day

Though the blue moon that struck me rebounded away


Will things wane to normal when my dizziness passes?

Might I simply discover I need a new pair of glasses?

The mirror tells me I’ve changed and will not be content

With less than the wackiness of being moon-bent.

a reckoning

It was the kind of swallow that squeaks

Like the skid of a rubber sole

And emerged from a steepening hollow

In the pithy shaft of an aching hole

Released out of some inner chamber

Where the soul is raw, the flesh laid bare

With an effort I made that gulp

From the fetid depth of a devil’s care

While I stood there in the shadow

Awaiting breathless to be received

It is then that confidence departs

And truth can fail, our lies believed

Uncertainty will make us falter

Our tongues be tied, our voices shy

But caught up in that frigid silence

It behooved me that I had to try

To shed these bonds of circumstance

That frozen pose of helplessness

I knew that I must break this ice

Else languish always more or less

Within the grip of fear or tension

A mere resemblance, a slim facade

Each moment we decide anew

Which way our fortitude should plod

When trapped at such an intersection

Of static vulnerability

Where every choice determines fate

Whether small or great to some degree

We can’t be certain right or left

What consequences it may bring

All I could do was forge ahead

And face another reckoning.

The Shudders

In a house on a hill lurked a crooked soul

Whose ambition was gnarled like a gallows pole

He dressed in drabness and wore a sneer

A diamond flashed on the lobe of one ear

His goatee was pointed, his eyebrows thin

The lout could carve by the tip of each chin

And many a fortune did the scoundrel maraud

Filching and looting with scantly a nod

The scalawag rued no callous deed

For Snefarious Grumsquat was a man in need

Who desired wealth far more than his worth

And rose well above a meager birth

By conniving and scheming and acts uncouth

How he chortled at collecting a debtor’s gold tooth

Nothing was sacred to a scurve such as he

Robbing children, old ladies quite diligently

Until a night should settle unlike any other

A mantle of blackness that could nearly smother

The villain was home with a cup of rum cocoa

Cackling to himself as if he were loco

When the shutters on the window began to rattle

In demonic rage, spewing constant prattle

It was hardly rational, thus he bolted from his chair

Wondering who was behind it? What fool could dare?

But he spied no trick, they were simply haunted

The shutters terrified him to the state of daunted

Snefarious uttered “Bah!” as evil men do

And the window subsided, then exploded unto . . .

Thus the churl was studded by slivers of glass

Resemblant of a porcupine from the upper class

His shutters kept banging with dire volition

Snef screamed realizing that this was perdition

His transgressions had led to a cosmic unlife

Where his crimes would be punished by torturous strife

That reduced him to squatting in the corner alone

Palms clamped to his ears with a long keening moan

And there he would stay till he crumbled to dust

They found his remains just a pile of rust

Corroded to residue, swept up by a broom

Succumbed to the shudders, this man made of gloom.


A scrap of Evil once flaked off

And floated on a wicked wind

To touch a woman giving birth

She clenched her babe to stay within

The particle resumed its flight

As the mother’s final breath expired

Its subsequential resting place

Would be a Norseman’s funeral pyre

He rose up out of flaming death

To brandish sword and wreak despair

An orange corona framed his skull

Which reeked of ire and burning hair

The grim iota thencely sought

A queen to reign for just a speck

She sent her army off to meet

A cruel demise for that stray fleck

It drifted then upon a horsey

Who bucked a cowboy’s head clean off

Devoured the clowns and rodeo fans

And anyone who had to cough

The smidge of Evil wafted over

To land upon a hummingbird

That pecked the eyes of passersby

It thought to be absurd

The grain would fly onto a sister

Whose habit was to feed the needy

The nun poured poison on the food

Declaring hunger greedy!

That element had flitted next

To a sorcerer whose destiny

To wave his arms, conduct the stars

Aligned them alphabetically

This repercussed in untold ways

And could have left Earth in the dark

A cold and barren hunk of rock

Bereft of heat, forlornly stark

But the quantum flotsam came to rest

On an evildoer’s takeout meal

Two wrongs added up into a force

That Energy, Space and Time could feel

The stars rearranged to their proper place

Disrupting the chip off Evil’s curse

Though the fact remains that a tiny change

Could upset the balance of the universe!

~ Published ~
August 31, 2011

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