nother month, another poem. When all is said and done, as I look back on my achievements — and lacks thereof; the list of unfinished goals — this column is one thing I will not regret. It reminds me to exercise my love of verse. To spare some minutes for a cherished pursuit. I have too long forsaken my songwriting passion. Too easily ignored other beloved penchants, the dreams and druthers that shape who I am. It is these glaring omissions that plague me most as Time courses too swiftly past.

But I will not waste a second of what remains on remorse, pity, or self-blame. Compunctually, whatever mistakes and poor choices were made — whatever misery befell, disaster struck — it is too late to change. I can only rethink my present and future. This is all I have left. I prefer to spend it recouping, recovering, reveling and rejoicing. Not rehashing, reliving, regretting. I can only try to do better. Try to aim for the road I should have taken. Following my heart.


Take my advice, don’t listen

Don’t heed the call

To spend your years near the coast

When you love the forest

Don’t plant your feet on the ground

If your spirit yearns to fly

And don’t, for anyone’s sake, even your own

Look back at the end of Life

To realize you haven’t lived

No one could ask that of anyone


Regret is a bitter lesson

That gnaws us through and through

Yet some regret must be swept aside

Neither felt nor spoken

For it is the good not the bad to be reaped

Sometimes springing as a bright result

And this is what we should cling to

However rocky the path

Or steep the ascent

It is the lesson to learn


Regret can resonate in silence

Or shriek loudly through our lips

It can chew us up and spit us out

For breakfast, lunch, or dinner

Yet will never let go

It can turn us into who we are not

Who we would never become without it

Therefore do not succumb

Do not be drawn in

To its voracious maw


Ignore that enticing resonance

Or it will guide your steps

It will sharpen your tongue

To speak what should remain unspoken

Then tie it in knots

When words might heal

The wounds inflicted

Do not yield to that vibrant song unsung

Or you will spend the rest of your years

Deeply regretting it.

~ Published ~
September 8, 2009

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