his is my twelfth and final poetry column. I shall miss these monthly maunderings. But will my voice be missed? It seems I have developed such a small and furtive following in one year that if I spun about suddenly, I might think I was alone. It’s very sad. Tragic, nearly . . . Fooled ya! This is not the last Poetic Reflections, no matter how unread I may be. (What a relief! I’m glad to hear it. I almost tricked myself.)

In honor of April and Fools, I dedicate this column to the theme of Respect. We need to respect the planet. More specifically — to stop harming the environment, harming animals, harming people. It’s pretty basic if you think about it. What could be easier than not doing something? Just don’t do it! There, it’s already done! Or not done, rather.

Hey, world leaders and terrorists, quit flinging bombs around!

Hey, polluters, halt the madness!

Hey, abusers, think about what you’re doing and don’t do it anymore! It isn’t nice.

Gee, wouldn’t it be dandy if problems could be solved by merely applying logic? What a revolutionary thought. It’s simple yet profound.

Okay, I know it isn’t that easy. At least, everyone says it isn’t that easy. But what if it were? What if we could just say stop?

This is April Fool’s Day, and as a fool I will believe what I darn well please. I would like to believe it’s possible. I’d like to believe that anything’s possible.

So heretoforeafter are some verses about trees. Okay, not just about trees.

Then, like Beethoven’s Fifth, I present a poem in closing that has nothing at all to do with trees but everything to do with children, for April is Child Abuse Prevention And Awareness Month — as well as Earth Month, Week, and Day. (Yes, Earth Hour was in March; I didn’t make the rules!)

I’m afraid you counted right. Five! As if one of my poems isn’t enough to inspire conniptions. I think my ink overfloweth.


The joy-fullest land in all my life

Away from cares and fears

So far beyond the weight of worries

No place for hate or tears

No space for lugging burdens

The hunchbacked woes that cling

Here among the wood’s embrace

Is where my thoughts take wing


An army without weapons

Side by side in lasting peace

A stance uncommon round a world

Where killings never cease

Here Like and Unlike coexist

Varied yet equal in concord

Where differences are welcome

And weaknesses are shored


No slaves are chained for prejudice

No child misused, unfed, forlorned

All have their place upon the soil

Each death is duly mourned

The balance measured with precision

Loose ends connected, drawn together

In the forest kingdom all is certain

Except, perhaps, the weather


Among these anchored boughs and trunks

Between the limbs, the leaves, the blades

Lie answers to all quests and queries

From the depths of seas and glades

In each emerald jungle lives abound

Without laws yet countless freedoms

A society of ageless wisdom

Quintessential are the treedoms


Pillaged, robbed, unrooted, lost

Plundered, sundered, violated

By uncouth hordes that loot and burn

Who may tumble all created

Thus, contemplate the ways of trees

To live and let live in respect

Walk soft the paths through sylvan wealds

And quietly protect.


Ah, such foolish merriment

That once accompanied where I went

Ere too much toes were stubbed

My wrongest ways ineptly rubbed

Like a hapless bumblebee

I stumbled out of glee




Fricted, fracted

My claws retracted

I toppled from The Rabbit-Hole

Got spat just like a sour Mole


Expelled, de-Ozzed

My grin was lost

Half-drowned and uttermost

I washed up on a hairy coast

Where Wild Things raged and none could smile

’Twas there I sat and stared awhile


For once you’ve known a blessed life

You can’t adapt to stringent strife

And live outside your golden means

Boomeranging through betweens

Somersaulting up the hill

Rolypolling willy-nil


I was out of sorts and in a snit

Almost ready-set to quit

Yet wender-wandered to the woodses

Discovering a shrub of goodses

And there beneath the bitsy tree

With true grit took a bite of glee


The moral here must soon be clear

No matter what you’ll ever hear

Be certain of one thing at least

Whether you be man or beast

However never you might please

Glee doesn’t grow on trees


The caramel apple had a worm

I chomped his nose and made him squirm

He slapped me into the week past next

Where it seemed a dream, a storybook text

Or else I’m simply a mite insane

But either way, I can’t complain.


Though I am far from home

Long every trail I roam

These spires of placid revery

Still tower in my memory

I cannot escape the scent

Forget the stature so unbent

Of the noble souls inside

Where pillared majesties abide

The dark deep woods surround

Yet I have never felt more found

In their tranquil company

Stood a greater sense of me

At each crackly step I’ve taken

Have I never felt forsaken

Midst their staid ideal, steadfast appeal

Nothing’s ever seemed as real

As the heart of any glen

Distant from the moil of men

There I’ve sat as if by capture

Drinking in the glow of rapture

Where naught could quite intrude

My breadth of solitude

A fortress standing firm

To defend me from the verm

There is safety in these arbors

The most sacred of all harbors

I find peace on timbered shores

On such dark deep sheltered floors

In the sanctity of these

I see the forest for the trees.


How very scary are the barrens

The deep dark timbrous untamed wild

Where peeps a host of furtive creeps

Some sinister, some mild

Those rustle-bustled febrile crunches

The glowing eyes that never blink

Of growlies, prowlies, slurkers, grunches

Of gnarlies, garrrlies, ghouls that slink

Their nightmare symphonies of fright

Heard all angles nerves will jangle

Inspiring you to flee in circles

Slipping, tripping o’er each tangle

The Unknown watches hungrily

The Unseen lets you know it’s there

With biding patience they’ll await

To pounce from anywhere

You can’t outrun these fears, my dears

If you quiver, shiver, shake and moan

Your only hope is not to venture

Into the deep dark woods alone.


Tell a child a fairytale

Watch his eyes alight in wonder

See her face beam bright and hale

Don’t break the spell they’re under


Recite their favorite Nursery Rhymes

Play patty-cakes and Candy Land

Explain the rain a thousand times

Teach them well and hold their hand


Don’t break their hearts, don’t lie

Help them grow, not hold them back

Provide hope, not the need to cry

The purest love, no bile or flack


Nurture spirits, feed their dreams

Enough to eat, don’t make them fat

Like Goldilocks, the right esteems

To raise them high; don’t knock them flat


Give love in just the right amount

Be their hero, their biggest friend

The one on which they’ll always count

On whom they can depend


Lift kids up, not drag them down

Don’t make them fall like Jacks and Jills

Be the cause they smile not frown

For life is full of spills.

(Oh yeah, it’s National Poetry Month too! Now, what should I do for that? Don’t tell me, I’m sure I’ll think of something . . .)

~ Published ~
April 1, 2010

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