here are lighter topics I could choose, yet I find myself able only to speak from the heart. A heart that beats too loud, too strong, too fast at times. Or thuds faintly, wounded and gasping. A heart that is too often betrayed in this world, that bleeds too easily.

There are persons in our midst who take pleasure from the pain they inflict; who brutally seek targets to redirect the ugliness and torment lurking in themselves. I’ve befriended such people. And am always shocked when their knife blades plunge, stabbing from behind, slashing my regard to ribbons. Only to be told I asked for it, and not to give them the pleasure. But how else can I respond, except with tears of sorrow and disappointment?

Tragically, how else can I know who I am to trust?

It is a vital element. It is the platform of Faith. It is the backbone of any union. It is what holds us up when we are afraid to fall. Or lifts us when we hit the bottom. Trust should not be unbalanced. It should never be a tug-of-war. Violate confidence too often, break honor into pieces, and you’re on your own. As much as we care for others, everyone has to look out for their individual protection. We owe ourselves that.

Be aware. Do not, like me, stick your head in the lion’s mouth. Do not expect a leopard to change its spots. Do not walk into a closed door. Choose those you believe in wisely. And hope they will treat you as considerately as you treat them. That is Trust — the bridge between two hearts.


Like cupping a fragile frightened creature

In the shelter of your palm

Trust should be treated with such care

Its heartbeat guarded from every qualm


It is not a right and cannot be seized

It bears no gleam and cannot be stored

It is something free, which must be earned

Availed in friendship, through accord


A tiny flame protected from wind

That must be kindled, safely fanned

That can warm you with its steady blaze

Or be smothered by scattered sand


The lack of trust resembles climbing

A mountain clinging to a thread

Without it there’s no chance of peace

No stable ground on which to tread


Mere words can plunge to heart as deep

As the point of any blade

The edge of what is spoken

May cut sharper than the page


Faith will die without respect

If harshly handled or deceived

As Life itself must be preserved

Trust fails when disbelieved


It is the core of any family

The root of every nation

The navigation of a flock

A religion’s strong foundation


Trust lies in justice

And requires staunch defense

Like truth, it must flow both ways

Or be smithered by pretense


Through wicked deeds and careless acts

Once given, loyalty can be lost

Some fences shorn cannot be mended

There comes a point that cannot be crossed


Betrayal rarely is provoked

Its dagger blindly thrust

Forsaking kinship, breaking promises —

Be ever cautious with your trust.

~ Published ~
January 11, 2010

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