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“A chill passed through me. I felt alone.” Author-Illustrator Lori R. Lopez reads an excerpt from her witty dark-fantasy horror novel An Ill Wind Blows, for ages twelve through adult. The award-winning book depicts one harrowing and humorous night trapped in a stormworld, where a group of eccentric characters stalk each other while an imaginative array of creatures crawl from the windwork.

The author shares a favorite scene, which is from Chapter 13 . . . in a creepy graveyard where sinister undertakings disturb the peace. The excerpt features the characters of Meezly, The Gravedigger, and The Rutabogey (The Root Monster).

This Author Reading presented by Fairy Fly Entertainment, with background music composed by Noel Lopez, is a great way to get into the Halloween Season or for any time you want some spooky vibes.


An Ill Wind Blows is an illustrated novel by indie author Lori R. Lopez; available in Hardcover, Paperback and E-Book.

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