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“I like bon-mottery alottery.” Author-Illustrator-Poet Lori R. Lopez reads BON-MOTTERY from her collection POETIC REFLECTIONS: KEEP THE HEART OF A CHILD. The selection is a humorous verse about all the types of words and which ones Lori likes and dislikes.

This Poetry Reading presented by Fairy Fly Entertainment, with background music composed by Noel Lopez, was filmed at Mount Laguna, California. BON-MOTTERY is a poem from Chapter 8 of KEEP THE HEART OF A CHILD. The volume features giddy lingual romps, the words to a variety of Folk-Rock ballads, poems from other book projects, witty mullings, and much more. A serious thread running through the book is the topic of Abuse, which the author addresses directly as well as in verse. The collection is thoughtful, unusual, uplifting, and emotional. It is Lori R. Lopez at her gravest and wryly mischievous best.

POETIC REFLECTIONS: KEEP THE HEART OF A CHILD is an illustrated poetry collection by indie author & poet Lori R. Lopez, available in E-Book. It is Volume One in the POETIC REFLECTIONS Series.

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